Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Homeschooling in Clear Lake and the Surrounding Area

******NOTE:  This post was written in 2011.  I moved from the Clear Lake area in 2015.  IF you would like to make add information about a new co-op or homeschool opportunity, please feel free to do so in the comments. *******    

Over the past few months, I've received a few e-mails that say something like this:  "My friend (or relative) is planning on homeschooling.  What does she need to do?  What is the name of that group you take classes with?"  Our area is ripe with opportunities for homeschoolers.  I have compiled a list of information that I frequently share with homeschoolers just starting out in the Clear Lake area. 

Information on homeschooling in Texas:
See the Texas Homeschool Coalition website.  The "Frequently Asked Questions" webpage includes information on Getting Started, Curriculum, School District, Requirements, Homeschooling Teens, Taxes and Government Benefits, and more.

Joining Southeast Texas Home School Association will give you a discount in HSLDA.
SETHSA is a local group.  Free to join.  

HSLDA and THSC both support homeschoolers and their rights to homeschool.  THSC is Texas specific while HSLDA is nationwide.  Both offer legal help to homeschoolers if needed.  Because we have homeschooled in different states, we are members of the HSLDA.

Where to take classes (This list is not exhaustive.  In Houston, homeschoolers can take art, science, drama, dance, gymnastics, martial arts, and much more.  Classes are also offered at museums, UHCL, The Space Center, etc.)  My boys take classes through the REACH co-op.

Selah Academy for the Arts  (offering Word in Season English/History classes, drama, creative writing, etc.  All classes are middle school age and above except for drama).

Group for field trips, fellowship, and information:
Gulf Coast Home Scholars is a group you can join for field trips, social opportunities, information, park days, used curriculum sales, etc. 

Here is a link for a wealth on information on homeschooling in Houston:
Homeschooling in the Houston-Area


  1. Hello! May I suggest a wonderful homeschool support group in the Bay Area? It can be found on meetup.com under the name A Bay Area TX Homeschool Group- Little Explorers Homeschool, Thanks a bunch*

  2. Also, there is Homeschool Adventures!!! It is a group on the website meetup.com. It is a wonder ful resource for parents of younger homeschool children.

  3. Also Clear Lake Academy has awesome teachers and great classes for K-12 www.clearlakeacademy.com

  4. The Art School for Children and Young Adults at the University of Houston Clear Lake (UHCL) has classes specifically for home school students. 5-year olds - 10-year olds meet from 1:00 - 2:15 on Thursdays. Classes meet 8 times; $90 registration for this 1 1/2 hour class covers all supplies.

    11-year olds -- 18-year olds meet in the adjoining classroom from 1:00 - 3:00 on the same day (Thursdays) for 8 weeks. $120 registration covers all materials. Both classes work with several diverse media (including clay and painting). Classes begin February 12, 2015. The younger students curriculum is the art of Ancient Greece. The older class will have a curriculum developed and taught by the secondary art methods students -- under the direction of Dr. Ann Waltz. Please call 281.283.3344 if you have any questions. You may enroll online at: http://hsh.uhcl.edu/ASC