Thursday, October 13, 2011

Historical Fiction -- Louise A. Vernon

     One of our favorite ways to "learn" history is through historical fiction.  Our public library system, which is huge, has many titles to choose from all areas of history, with one exception:  church history.  Louise A. Vernon has written 13 titles for ages 8-12.  Many you can get on   Amazon or through Christian Book Distributors. Also, you can purchase a set of 12 from a little known company Library and Educational Services for $63.63.

     I have listed all thirteen that I know of here -- but they are not in chronological order.

   Book                                       Subject
The Beggars' Bible                  John Wycliffe
The Bible Smuggler                William Tyndale
Doctor in Rags                       Paracelsus and Hutterites
A Heard Strangely Warmed     John Wesley
Ink on His Fingers                 Johann Gutenberg
Key to the Prison                   George Fox and Quakers
*The Kings's Book                   King James Version, Bible
The Man Who Laid the Egg     Erasmus
Night Preacher                      Menno Simons
Peter and the Pilgrims            English Separatists, Pilgrims
*The Secret Church                Anabaptists
Thunderstorm in Church         Martin Luther
*Strangers in the Land           Huguenots 

*Ones we've read.

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