Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Drive thru History with Dave Stotts: History - Fast and Fun!

     The Drive Thru History series with Dave Stotts, produced by ColdWater Media, is, as the cover suggests, history - fast and fun!  Each DVD has three epidsodes that last about 30 minutes each, with the exception of the Foundations of Character series.  These quirky, often silly, videos take you on location to several important historical sites and introduce you to many historical figures, famous and not-as-famous.  Christian history is not left out and neither is the humor.  Drive Thru History is definitely educational and equally entertaining.
     This series, however, is not a history curriculum on its own.  It should be used as a supplement to the history curriculum of your choice or just for fun!  My boys and I laughed and giggled at the fake teeth, the car rolling down the hill, and the Pilgrim fashion show.  
     I recommend this series for ages 8 and up simply because some of the younger children may not get the humor.  My sons are nine and twelve, and they love these dvds.   Furthermore, if you like your children's education to be serious, don't bother buying this series!

     For more information, see www.drivethruhistory.com.  

Drive Thru History  (Ancient History)
Greece and the Word
East Meets West  (Asia Minor)
Turkish Delight
Rome If You Want To

Drive Thru History:  American History
Columbus, The Pilgrims, and Early Boston
Soldiers, Jamestown, and Heroes of Virginia
New York, New Jersey, and Washington's Warriors
Patriots, Penn, and the Freedom Trail

Drive Thru History America:  Foundations of Character  (90 minutes)

Drive Thru History:  Holy Land Series  (Brand New)

Drive Thru History is from Focus on the Family and Tyndale Entertainment.

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